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Some new artworks by Mario

September 18 2013

Check out the new paintings on drumheads and canvas Mario Duplantier made during summer time


Mario art Gallery 

From The Stores

  • The Axe T-Shirt
    The Axe T-Shirt
  • Gojira Logo Skateboard Deck
    Gojira Logo Skateboard Deck
    The Gojira Skatedeck here features the band name in white on both sides of the deck, with a Skull in the middle that features the band name as the mouth. The design is printed on a black skatedeck.

    This Skatedeck is currently only available as a pre-order and won't ship until after 12/19 so unfortunately will not arrive until after Christmas.

    Release Date: December 30, 2014

  • Forest Man T-Shirt
    Forest Man T-Shirt