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November 22 2011

November 12, 2011. I’m in Long Island City, heading towards Spin Recording Studios, where the mighty Gojira have recently begun recording their new album with producer Josh Wilbur. It’s a big deal because a) it’s Gojira’s first album in more than three years, b) the band has just announced that they’ve signed with Roadrunner Records, and c) Gojira fucking rules, and I’m a massive, massive fan.

I’m still a good block-and-a-half away when I hear it. It’s so incredibly LOUD and metallic, it almost sounds like machine gun fire — but it’s too rhythmic to be a weapon. I decide it must be a street performer, banging on some sheet metal or something… except that I can see the street all around me, and it’s completely deserted. If it is a street performer, he’s very well concealed, and is apparently playing to an audience of no one.

By the time I arrive at the front door of Spin Studios — a large, steel entrance — the sound has become deafening. And as I peek through the small, submarine-like door window, I finally see the source of the sound: it’s Gojira skinsman Mario Duplantier, drumming on the door like the thunder god that he is.

Mario sees me, stops what he’s doing, and opens the door. I introduce myself; he shakes my hand enthusiastically. “Go upstairs to the studio,” he tells me. “I just to have finish this, then I’ll be right up.”

I assume he’s warming up for a take — yes, I know it’s a tad odd to warm up against a door, but who am I to tell to Mario Duplantier what is or is not normal? — until I begin to walk up the steps, and I see microphones strategically positioned all around the stairwell. At which point I realize, Holy shit, they’re recording this.



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