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Mario Art Gallery Update

New original paintings and limited prints available.

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June 16 2014

New paintings in Mario's gallery

Mario Duplantier Art Gallery

New paintings have been added to Mario's art gallery online.


De nouvelles peintures ont été mises en ligne sur la Gallerie de Mario .
Bonne visite!


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March 01 2014

Some new artworks by Mario

Check out the new paintings on drumheads and canvas Mario Duplantier made during summer time


Mario art Gallery 

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September 18 2013

Mario Duplantier: The Art Of Painting

As the drummer of Gojira, Mario Duplantier needs no introduction. His reputation for pulverising beats layered with intricate sequences have seen him nominated for best drummer in various metal awards, currently Revolver’s Golden Gods. And when Mario has finished beating the proverbial out of his drumheads he likes nothing better than to paint on them, using them as a unique canvas to document his experiences. These works of art are fast developing a reputation of their own, particularly among his ever growing legion of fans. Initially these were seen popping up in Gojira’s merch stall on tour but such is the collection now that they have their own section in his new online gallery.
When we meet he’s clutching his laptop and a couple of his latest drumskins, one completed the day before and one that is a work in progress. There’s no chance of that being finished today; it’s the second show of the Jägermeister Tour and preparations inside the venue are in full swing so we’re relegated to the back lounge of the tour bus to have a chat about his art.


So when did this novel idea originate? It goes without saying that as a drummer and an artist it’s both relevant and unique to himself, an extension of his creativity. Mario’s explanation is a little more simple. It’s like putting a child in front of a blank page – he just can’t help himself!
“You know, during rehearsal when we practise or prepare for a tour I am always behind the drums, and there is this white bit in front of me, this snare, it’s always like a piece of paper. I have a marker sometimes and I just want to do something!” He adds, “but I do use this snare space for a lot of things, for ideas when I’m composing. I also put some notes on there which help me during the show, for example when I play very fast I have some mental techniques that I use and I note those on my snare, then I can remember when to breathe, let my left leg relax and so on. As a drummer it’s just a good way to connect to all these works when I practice.” 






 visit Mario's Gallery


Also check the interview with Mario on HeavyMetal Artwork below:

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April 22 2013

New Interview with Mario on Metal Injection

Gojira drummer Mario Duplantier might be located all the way in the back of the stage when his band is performing, but for me, he is the star of the show. When seeing Gojira on their recent tour, I couldn't take my eyes off of him. He. does. not. fuck. up. He is constantly headbanging, double-bassing at ferocious speeds and the way he puts his whole body into playing, it's as if he is dancing with the drumkit on stage.

To put it succinctly, Mario is an artist. And his expression is not just through music, it's through visual means as well. I recently learned that Mario is a budding illustrator as well. Mario combines his love of art and music by drawing on his drumheads in between blasting them silly. I recently had the opportunity to email Mario a few questions about his artwork, and here is the conversation that spawned out of that email:


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March 01 2013

Mario Duplantier Art Gallery

The Mario Duplantier Art Gallery website is online now with new artworks.

You can visit it at: www.marioduplantier.com


Le site Mario Duplantier Art Gallery est maintenant en ligne avec de nouvelles oeuvres.

Vous pouvez le visiter ici: www.marioduplantier.com

Bonne visite!

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February 14 2013

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