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Interview with Mario on AltMusicHub

French progressive death metal band Gojira is one of the bands to watch this year. Coming to Australia for the first time for Soundwave and releasing a new album sometime in the year. Drummer Mario Duplantier had a chat with him about the new album and coming to Australia for the first time.

How is recording the new album going?

Joe Duplantier my brother is finishing vocals in New York. I am not in New York; I am in France as I have finished the drums for the album. Right now my brother is finishing vocals and then next step is to mix everything in January and February.


Was there any material for the album pre written before going to New York or has it all been done there?

Everything has been written and recorded in New York. Usually we do everything ourselves, in our studio. This time we wanted to do everything in New York because it is easier for us. There is less stress and less energy so we decided to work with Josh from the beginning to the end.

Who is producing the album?

The album is being co-produced with my brother Joe and Josh Wilbur. He was the guy who produced the last Lamb of God album(Wrath).

How was it living in New York, whilst working on the album?

New York is amazing because it is a wonderful city; it is full of interaction, it is incredible. We come from the south west of France close to the oceans and mountains; it is poor from a cultural point of view. So when we go to New York it is amazing. You can see everything, eat anything, see so many things. It is a source of energy and inspiration.


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January 30 2012

Update from The Studio: Vocals tracking

Vocals tracking... Recording almost done!

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January 17 2012

Update With Jean-Michel

Although the band are busy recording, Jean-Michel took time out to list his Top 10 Albums of 2011.

Check out his selection here:

Also check the update with Jean-Michel from the Studios in NYC below!


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December 19 2011

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