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New Interview with Joe on Metal XS - Hard Force TV

April 26 2013
Check the interview below in french with english subtitles (begin at 7:16).   http://www.hardforce.fr/metalxs/en/s01e20  

Mario Duplantier: The Art Of Painting

April 22 2013
As the drummer of Gojira, Mario Duplantier needs no introduction. His reputation for pulverising beats layered with intricate sequences have seen him nominated for best drummer in various metal awards, currently Revolver’s Golden Gods. And when Mario has finished beating…

Gojira sur MCS - Les extremistes

April 12 2013
Emission spéciale ce mercredi avec la venue de deux membres du groupe de death-metal français Gojira. Virginie Hilssone a accueilli dans les Extrémistes Mario Duplantier, le batteur grand amateur de bodyboard, et Jean-Michel Labadie, le bassiste fan de mountain bike.…

New interview with Joe in Glasgow UK

March 20 2013
Check the new interview with Joe below:

European Tour 2013

March 16 2013
A message from Mario in the clip below:     All the tour dates : GO TO THE TOUR SECTION

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